Uke Boogie Berlin

Uke Boogie Berlin is an open mic for ukuleles and other instruments (but no


We’ve been running in Berlin for 3 years. We ran it in Edinburgh, Scotland,
for many years before that, and it’s still running in Edinburgh, as well as
Sligo, Ireland, and Tennerife sometimes.

It still remains a free entry and community event, welcoming fresh and
established performers alike. Some people have been on stage for years,
some people practice the ukulele in the toilet then perform 10 minutes

We aim to provide a safe and encouraging space for performers and audience

We have a raffle where people can win fabulous prizes. All raffle money
goes directly back into prizes for the next month, or towards running costs
e.g. posters.

We’re very happy that profits from running the event in Brauni will go to
SAWA For Development and Aid (, which supports Syrian
refugees in Lebanon by, “[Contributing] in building an integrated society
through developing the capacities of individuals and providing them with
material and psychosocial support.”

You can have a look at the page for Berlin here:

And have a look at videos from past Boogies here:


Uke Boogie does not just exist on stage, but is also a little community
where people can meet, share ideas, collaborate and have fun together.

As we keep holding the event in Brauni, we would like to reach out to the
more local commuity to come and share good times and music. Hopefully it
can become a positive point of contact for many people. We’ll be working on
advertising in various languages, as well as talking to people in our
community to help bring people together.

We will also use the opportunity of having the space to use in order to do
bigger, more fun and full things within and outside the space and night.