Programm April // program april 2/2

Di/Tue, 15.04., 20:00:  HipHop Bar + KüfA 

Delicious food and HipHop Tresen as every first and third tuesday a month. The food is vegan and we always have a glutenfree option, the place is wheel chair accessible, no smoking during eating time.
The donations for the food go to a soli-project to support the struggle against police violence and forced evictions in a favela in Rio de Janeiro.

Mi/Wed, 16.04., 20:00: HistoKino

Do/Thu, 17.04., 19:00: CrimethInc + Vokü

Fr/Fri, 18.04.,  20:00: Initiative gegen Unerträglichkeiten – Nouvelle Dune Solibar + Vokü

Sa/Sat, 19.04., 19:00:  Minor Treat

Official launch and soli-event for the Minor Treat Collective.

Delicious savoury and sweet vegan food for ‘spende’ to raise important funds to help support the DIY hardcore baking unit. Alcohol and smoke-free event, with kicker and table tennis. Safer space policy in *operation*. More information at

<> Building and toilets accessible by wheelchair.

So/Sun, 20.04., 14:00: Vegan Anarchist Pizza Brunch

We are a group of vegan anarchists who don’t just concentrate our efforts on animal exploitation but also see the link between veganism and anarchism. Both entail the respect for all forms of life no matter what background, race, culture, gender, sexual preference, age or species.Our goal is to organise an info-day where people can come and exchange ideas and experiences and at the same time have access to good vegan food at an affordable price. The money raised at these events will go to support our veganarchist distro for publishing and distributing related info-material for little or no-money, and to support other projects that work against animal and earth exploitation.

Mo/Mon, 21.04., 20:30: movie screening

There will be a surprise movie! We will not tell the title but just so that you know: it is a dystopian and claustrophobic view on how to smash the system. English with english subtitles. Movie starts at 21:00! Soli for Tempest Library

Di/Tue, 22.04., 20:00: Rodri’s Vokü

Mi/Wed, 23.04., 20:00: presentation + discussion eastern europe antiracist projects

*Representation and marginality related to mutual aid work.*

Anti-Roma sentiment (anti-Gypsyism, anti-tsiganism or Romaphobia*) is deeply entrenched throughout Europe. Roma people and communities continue to experience widespread persecution and stigmatisation, a phenomenon which has been ingrained in European cultures for hundreds of years.

However embracing an anti-oppression framework not only means recognising and challenging systems of oppression which disadvantage people, but also addressing the power and privilege we have which help to enforce them.

On the 23rd of April Brauni will host an anti-racist evening. The following projects have been invited to present their work:

– Little Friends Kindergarten, Inex Film, Belgrade. Self organised kindergarden for Roma children.

– Ignite! An anti-racist education toolkit.

– Nomada. Solidarity work with Roma communities in Wroclaw

After the presentations, everyone is invited to participate in an open discussion: Representation and marginality related to mutual aid work.


19:00 Snacks and bar start



Bring your friends. Spread this call out to individuals and groups doing anti-racist work.

Do/Thu, 24.04., 20:00: Elotitos Solibar + Vokü 

Soli fürs autonome Zentrum in Guatemala. Mit den Einnahmen von Vokü und Bar unterstützen wir die Einrichtung und Betreibung eines sozialen Zentrums in Xela, Guatemala, das als Basis für kulturelle und Menschenrechtsprojekte zur Unterstützung indigener Gemeinden im Widerstand (z. B. gegen Mejaprojekte, Landraub und die kapitalistische Verwertungslogik im Allgemeinen) dient. Das Projekt ist offen und arbeitet mit unabhängigen Organisationen, Gruppen und Einzelpersonen aus Guatemala und dem Rest der Welt zusammen. Es bestehen Kontakte zu organisierten Gemeinden, die wir sowohl finanziell als auch personell unterstützen, wenn dies notwendig und gewünscht ist.Falls ihr mehr wissen wollt, sprecht die Menschen an der Bar an! Wie immer mit Reis-Bohnen-Tortillas-Vokü, Kicker, Tischtennis und dufter Mucke!


Soli for autonomous centre in Guatemala. With the money we support the installation of a social centre in Xela, Guatemala, which serves as base for cultural and Human Rights activities in support of indigenous communities in resistance (against megaprojects, land robbery, neoliberalism in general). The project is open and works with independent organisations, communities and individuals from Guatemala and all over the world – libertary and horizontal. It has contacts to organized communities which they support financially and in terms of personell if this is necessary and desired.If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask the people at the bar! Like always with rice-beans-tortilla-Vokü, Kicker, table tennis and great music!

Fr/Fri, 25.04., 21:00: Solitresen der Anarchistischen Gruppe Neukölln

Die Anarchistische Gruppe Neukölln (AGN) organisiert sich nicht nur im Neuköllner Raum. Offen für viele Menschen, wollen wir versuchen, sowohl theoretisch, wie auch praktisch, unsere Kritik am Bestehenden zu entwickeln und Wege für etwas ganz anderes zu ebnen.

Melde dich doch gerne bei uns, entweder über unsere Mailadresse, oder bei sprich uns bei unseren Veranstaltungen einfach an.

Veranstaltung im Haus: Jeden 4. Freitag im Monat ab 21Uhr Tresen mit wechselndem Programm

Sa/Sat, 26.04.: Vokü – Documentary – Solibar

In order to fund our film “Dead Brother’s”, the first part of the trilogy that focuses on the greek civil war (1946-1949) from the perspective of women that joined the partisan army, we are doing this soli event at 26th of April.
The film is non commercial and it is a project for the biggest self-organised film school in Europe Filmarche ( )

20.00 – Vokü

20.30 – “Birds in the Mire ” by Alinda Dimitriou. Documentary 2008, 104′ .This is a documentary about the Greek women who fought against the German army during the invasion and the occupation and in the civil war.This film is of essential value for the necessary understanding of who were imprisoned, executed and deported and who were never held to account for their treason, collaboration and the atrocities against their own people, during the bloodiest period of modern Greek history .

22.15 -Solibar with tasty cocktails, beers and groovy film music.

So/Sun, 27.04., 19:30: VoKüno – food and movie (movie starts at 20:30)

every 4th sunday a month 19:30
absurd or just real moving picture entertainment coming along with a tiny vokü and information, discussion or whatever we or you are up to!

Di/Tue, 29.04., 20:00: Infoveranstaltung “The World Cup will not happen”

Infotour about the movement against the World Cup.
Especially since the mass­ demonstrations in June 2013, many social movements say “no” to the realization of the World Cup in Brazil, coming along with the surge of massive riots in different parts of the country. An increasing number of people has been realizing that the rearrangement of the cities in the light of the world­cup serves mostly corporate and government interests, whereas it has catastrophic impacts mainly on poor people’s life. Especially the working­-class afrobrazilian population is being dispossessed of their homes and neighborhoods and excluded from the right to participate in the transformation process of the city. With the world cup coming closer however, also state repression against any oppositional activity that could constitute a threat for the success of the mega­event, increases. This includes killings in the favelas as well as the detention of activists, accompanied by ideas of creating new “anti­-terrorism” laws.

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